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When two spiritually driven artists unite their extraordinary talents, the outcome is spectacular and inspiring. “In Spirit With Nature” is a limited edition signature jewelry collection, like none other, beautifully designed sterling silver, hand carved in a time honored tradition.

In keeping with their instinctive and physical sense of Earth, Air, Fire & Water Elements, Susan and Sky have brought their passion for spiritual beliefs in a collaboration that stimulates the senses. Each unique piece has been specially crafted with the highest quality precious gem stones. Susan Rind and Sky Phoenix Shanna celebrate two cultures steeped in history and rich in their own historical instinctive beliefs with designs that have brought forth their love of nature and thus the spirit of which it captures.

The purpose of these two artists having been brought together is more than evident in the ground breaking jewelry that they have created. Connected through mind and soul, Susan and Sky have collaborated to bring art that invokes the essence of truth, history and future in all people. Every piece in this beautiful exhibit is hand carved and numbered for authenticity. 

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